May is International Masturbation Month

Self-Love deserves more than a day
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: International Masturbation Month. Although we’re sure with the rate that your touch yourself (read, you jerk off a lot dude), you don’t have an extra gear for the celebration. Still, it gives us free reign to say penis to random strangers all month, so we’re a fan.

A woman with a shocked expression on her face

Why do you keep saying that?


The month-long celebration started off as International Masturbation Day, celebrated on May 7th, which began in 1995 by retailer Good Vibrations. The San Fransico based sex shop, founded in 1977 by sex therapist and educator Joani Blank, started the May 7th day of “self-reflection” in honor of former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders. Elders was fired by President Clinton in 1994 for suggesting that masturbation be included in sex ed curriculum along with other radical ideas like condom distribution should be treated as a public safety issue.

Doctors with red ribbon supporting AIDS awareness campaign, holding condoms in hands

Heathen Deviants! How dare you try and stop AIDS through rational measure than unrealistically asserting that teens should remain abstinent when every hormone in their body is telling them to get horizontal

And it’s not as she did so in an intentionally argumentative manner. After a speech at the United Nations World AIDS Day in 1994, an audience member asked Elders about masturbation’s potential for discouraging early sexual activity.

She answered,“I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught.

A girl in her bedroom looking at condoms and contraceptive pills and doesnt know which she should use

Perhaps…. yeah, let’s just let kids figure sex out on their own without any core sex education, that will work out well

A 2008 study showed that 92% of women regularly masturbate while men are suspected of doing so at an even higher rate. The follows close to the old joke that 98% of people masturbate and 2% are liars. Which begs the question, if we all do it, why did the US Government fire a qualified professional for honestly answering a question about it in an appropriate context? Something to think about the next time you rub one out.

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Benefits of Masturbation

A 2016 article in Men’s Health lists the following 5 health benefits to mastubation:

  • It Prevents Cancer
  • It Makes You Harder
  • It Helps You Last Longer
  • It Ups Your Immunity
  • It Boosts Your Mood
Asian man use VR glasses watching porn video

You’re doing it all wrong man

Similarly, Cosmopolitan has written about the benefits masturbation gives to women:

  • It Helps You Love Yourself More
  • It Can Make Sex With Others Better
  • It Can Boost Your Confidence And Body Image
  • It’s Good For Your Vagina
  • It’ll Help You Sleep Better
  • It’s Good For Your Heart
  • It’s Safe
  • It Reduces Stress
Close-up of young woman masturbating

Not sure what the handcuffs are for, but I hope she has fun

So with all the upside, I hope you have your hand down your pants already!

Ideas On How To Celebrate

Use your other hand; it will feel different and build muscle strength in your non-dominant side

Mutual masturbation with a partner, twice the fun!

Try out a new toy, for example; our partner Kiiroo is offering a special in honor of International Masturbation Month – Coupon Code: Masturbation35 will give you a $35 discount on all purchases over $150 on

Experiment with some anal play, guys, you might be scared of prostate play, but this is a great excuse to try it out, you might find you like it! Girls, same to you, you might find a whole new form of sexual pleasure in the safety of solo-play.

Please feel free to share how you will celebrate the month in the comments.

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