4 Ideas for When Sex Gets Boring

Don't do something drastic, do something sexy
Young bored couple having problems in bedroom

You and your partner have sex down to a science. In fact, it is so predictable that you know what is going to occur down to the minute. And you are not interested! But before you end the relationship or run out and have an affair, give these tips a try. You may discover yourself bed with the entirely new partner.

1 – Foreplay

Sex is not only about the action of making love. It is a time when you and your partner can spend time together in a sense that’s not shared with anyone. This should be a sacred time. Sex isn’t just about the orgasm; it is about appreciating the time leading up to it. Don’t believe that you’ve to start in the bedroom. Begin in the kitchen while cleaning up after dinner. Or perhaps while watching TV.

Hot nude long-haired woman and man having sex on the floor at home

They made it as far as the hallway

Foreplay isn’t restricted to acts that are sexual. Everyone has “that spot”. It could be a nibble on the back of the neck or a kiss on the wrist. Find that place in your partner. This small touch may be something that can be done anywhere. You could be out shopping, and that one tiny move could lead to something considerably hotter than you expected.
Make foreplay part of your life. Make out like the back seat of the car or teens on the sofa. Don’t overthink what you’re going to do, only let it occur. By the time you get to sex itself both of you will be so turned on it will not be possible for the sex to be dull.

2 – Be Spontaneous

Women, climb onto your partner while he’s eating his supper. Guys, take a bubble bath. Do not plan this out ahead of time. Take her clothes off, slowly of course, and take it from there.

In case you are out for a drive on a desolate road, pull over and discover the back seat, if not a field. Again, don’t plan out the excursion with your partner as the reason for the drive. Just take advantage of the opportunity. Start by rubbing your partners’ leg to get their mind on sex and then suggest the detour.

3 – Talk about Your Dreams

Your sex life may not be what you want because you aren’t having your needs met. It’s time to start talking about your sexual desires. From there, you’ll be able to take baby steps to things which can be a little more risqué.

beautiful woman in sexy gothic or kinky black lingerie with a mysterious venetian facemask covering her face made in studio

I’m down with everything you’re wearing, but why do I need to dress like a clown?

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Should you be shy starting out, use movies or books that present what you want to try to your partner. All you need to say is how much you’d like to try that. You may even find that they have similar desires that they were too shy to ask you about as well.

4 – Experiment in the Bedroom

Experimenting does not have to include anything crazy unless you want to go that way. Change it up. Try some new positions. Perhaps start using some sex toys. Act out the fantasies you might have discussed with your partner.

Sex positions

Here’s a menu to get you started

If you are not certain about the best way to try, use porn to kick-start the evening. The most significant idea is which you are communicating your desires and in turn, you are listening to your partner’s.

seductive woman in the arms of a man whispering in his ear

I want you to slather my body in maple syrup and lick it off me while I cook some bacon

So there you’ve got it. Your sex life is like other things. If it gets repetitive or boring, change it up a bit. Whole new flavor, same potato!

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