5 Ways to Diffuse the Fear of Rejection

Approaching Women Means Risking Rejection, but You Have to Get Over It
Woman rejecting advances of man on his knees with flowers

What’s the most common thing that holds men back from approaching women? Is it their looks? They way of talk or walk? No, it’s their fear of rejection.

A man in a state of shock not believing what he is seeing

Dude, where’s my spine?

Yes, even the smartest or most handsome man has it. No one likes to risk the embarrassment of rejection, but it is a part of life. So feeling fear is fine, but only as long as it doesn’t stop you from approaching that hot girl at the bar.

Young beautiful women, have a rest on a sofa at a nightclub

Or her friend, you can’t lose either way

We are helping you for that with our five ways to diffuse the fear of rejection. This quick read will help you get your self-esteem back.

You’re In a High-Reward, Low-Risk Situation

Why do we fear rejection? What does it mean? When a woman turns you down, you think you are not good enough. We take it too personally.

young couple, man and woman having fight

I thought we were soul mates! … I just met you.

In reality, you’ve lost nothing but a little bit of time. No one can attract or please everyone, learn to live with that. It’s not the end of the world; you will see another day. So calm the hell down.

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You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Guys hate to make mistakes, and doubly so when this error is on public display. But check the facts, there are plenty of reasons that she said no thank you that has nothing to do with you or what you said.

Asian woman pointing and laughing at you

You thought you could impress me like that?

She might be in a relationship; she isn’t ready for one, or she prefers women. Chances are, she may not find herself good enough for you. People have their reasons, so don’t cling to them. Be Cool Headed.

You’re Thinking Too Much

Thinking is good, but overthinking kills your ambition, self-esteem, creativity, and you name it! Paralysis by analysis is the biggest reason many fail.

Young thoughtful handsome man in casual thinking over the ideas

Sorry about your wall, that just sort of happens sometimes

Fear of refusal is rooted in our thoughts and the beliefs we have about ourselves. Drop negative thoughts as soon as you have them. Keep your confidence high and know that if she doesn’t see the great things about you, the next girl might.

You Need To Be Positive

Get a positive attitude with a pair of shoes for maturity! What, if she rejects you? It really doesn’t matter. You had the confidence to approach her, and you talked to her, most guys can’t even find their balls to do that.

one caucasian business man holding showing soccer ball

I found one!

There is an adage in sales, “never pre-judge your customer.” If a poorly dressed man walks into a car dealership, a good salesman will still approach, he might have great credit and 100k in the bank. When you prejudge the situation as hopeless, then you have just ensured it will stay that way.

Portrait of a young woman showing thumb down over gray background

And she was just tell her girlfriend that she was going to sleep with the next guy who talked to her, didn’t matter who

Approaching a woman is the same thing. You’re selling yourself, and you hope she will buy (or at least lease you for the night).

Beautiful blond young woman standing near a sports car

At the very least she might take you on a test drive

You will never know if you don’t even try, be positive because you may never know the result.

You Must Be Confident and Practical

Fear can make us submissive. When you are planning your approach, you have to accept the fact that you can face rejection. Expect the best but prepare for the worst! Yes, prepare for rejection because it will easy to cope with even if you have the worst experience of your life.

Couple in a car about to have a crash

I know it’s horrible, but I can’t stop watching

But still expect the best, while unguarded confidence can come off as cocky, staying defensive is a negative approach that will never work. Be yourself and be confident. The only way to get rid of your fear is to go through this ordeal more than once.

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