How to Ask Him Out

Modern women are strong and sexy, you don't have to wait for him to make a move
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So, you’re ready to date him, but you are not even sure whether he is at all interested.  As a lady, you probably have the perception that a guy should be the one to ask you out, so you decide to wait.  However, he doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. Do you just continue hoping that one day he will finally do it?  That seems rather old fashioned.

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I do hope I can figure out this “telephone” thing so Charles can ask me to the box social

No one wants to spend life worrying, especially when it has to do with a serious relationship.  In fact, for most, it is not a taboo and studies show that men feel good when asked out by ladies, rather than put off.  However, you have to do it in a proper manner and not make him feel intimidated.

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You, me, dinner, Saturday, or else

The Two Tickets Trick Works!

First, you need to collect information about your potential boyfriend to know what he likes doing in his free time. Prompt him with a simple but unthreatening question like, “did you do anything fun last weekend?” After a couple of these fact-finding missions, you should be able to find an activity to offer.

Secondly, is your potential date something that you like doing too? If yes, then you are ready to go. Go ahead and buy two tickets to an event that both of you love and ask him if he can accompany you. Since it is something he loves, he will most likely agree, the next step is to turn a fun time into a full date.

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Good luck if his favorite past-time is international travel

Be Mentally Ready to Receive a “No!”

The worst thing that can happen is that he will decline your advances. He just might not be ready yet, or it’s just not going to work out. These things happen, but it’s best to prepare yourself psychologically prior, though, so that if this happens you can handle it with grace.

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Very subtle

Dress Attractively and in an Enticing Manner

On that day when you will ask him out, it is important that you make him first compliment you before you even say anything. Compliments on your attractiveness will give you insight that he is receptive to this night being a date. Guys focus on sexual attractiveness, so use it to you advantage to bag your beau. Even if he doesn’t realize it until that moment, if you can get him to see you as his date by making him desire you.

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I figured you just liked drag racing, but since you put it that way would you like to go someplace quiet instead?

However, to make him utter those words, you must appear attractive, even downright sexy. Put on your best attire, do your favorite hairstyle and try to maintain a composed pose and eye contact with the best of your smile. I doubt if he can avoid telling you how great you look. And if he says it, he’s thinking about more.

Just Say it

Worst case, you go out with him but at the end of the night, you’re still not sure if he is looking at you as his next girlfriend. Here, you just have to be straightforward and tell him that you would like to him and would like to take him on another date. Express yourself fully and let him know how you feel.

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By Jove, she’s a natural!

You’ve already done the hard part, you’ve asked him out, you’ve treated the whole night like a date and tried to be alluring to him all the while braced for rejection. Don’t let this last chance escape. If you can’t find the words, try and kiss him, put your arms around his waste, or hold his hand. Just make sure he declares his intention before the night ends. Most likely, if he’s gone this far without asking if this is a date, he is assuming it is and will love to continue it.

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