Weekend Roundup, April 23, 2016

Hot off the presses, smoking hot actually, sex news for the world
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How To Get Laid Like A Rock Star

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The musicians laugh and tell me they can have whomever they want, from the pool of those who want them. Which makes them rather like females. In that they do the choosing. Consequently they are very confident with females.

Risk-taking genes may influence when you first have sex

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For the first time, scientists have found genetic variants that could influence when people have sex for the first time — and the age at which they have their first kids. While social and environmental factors remain important, this finding begins to outline the biological factors as well.

Nordic Model key to beating exploitation of sex workers

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With a decisive 64-12 vote in parliament this month, France asserted its determination to put an end to the exploitation of women and girls through prostitution. The United States and the rest of the world should follow suit.  France’s new law codifies what is known as the Nordic Model for combating sexual exploitation. It recognizes prostitution as a form of violence, makes the purchase of sex acts illegal, regards prostituted persons as victims rather than criminals, and provides victims with help to get out of the business.

Judge to decide if Dallas violated Constitution by banning sex expo

Statue of justice

For 90 minutes Monday morning, attorneys representing the city of Dallas, the state of Texas, the Dallas Citizens Council and the porn convention Exxxotica made their cases to U.S. District Judge Sidney Fitzwater.

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The Secret Actress on Sex Scenes: My Co-Star Warned ‘Forgive Me if I Harden’

Studio portrait of couple having sex on red sheet

I have to say that pretending to have sex with someone you fancy is still painfully embarrassing, but pretending to have sex with someone you do not like in the slightest is downright awful. During the initial choreographing of one particular sex scene with an actor I really didn’t get along with, I volunteered the idea of him pressing me up against a wall and doing it from behind largely so I wouldn’t have to look at his smug, straining exertions.

Even whores need to get laid (Part 2)

Couple passionately engaged in sex

. . . Being the fresh meat at a sex party that’s already been going on a few hours gives me the opportunity to be a little coy. As I enter, they all turn to look at me. But I just toss a wink their way and walk past to the dining room. The table is covered with drug remnants: a few empty baggies, some vials, and different coloured pills which have been broken in quarters. I go directly for the pre-rolled, but not yet smoked, joint in the ashtray and spark it. Feeling the smoke touch my lungs, I hold for as long as I can before letting it slowly trickle from my lips.

If You Think Everyone Is Having Sex But You, You’re Wrong

Sexy blonde student in glasses reading on tablet news and chat online in bed

Well guess what: If you’re not ready to have sex or you just don’t want to have it, not only is that perfectly OK, you’re also not alone. In a recent survey of 2,500 female college students across the U.S., nearly half hadn’t had sex at the time they answered the survey. And what’s more, other research shows that teens who haven’t had sex are perfectly happy about not being sexually active.

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